Growing Up & Other Adventures
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"What areas in our industry would you like to grow into?" "How do you see your future with this company?" "Do you want kids?" "Where do you want to live?" All questions where my answer is simply, "I have no fucking clue." That sentiment transcends every aspect of my life, from future goals to dinner plans. I don't know how to be happy or how to get over fear, or trick your tastebuds into thinking kale is a good idea.  I'm on the tail-end of 28 and have no advice to give, no *new* ab workouts, or amazing recipes. But I have a website, and in turn a blog. "What is this blog about?" .... I have no fucking clue. 

"So why am I here?" .... I have no fucking clue. But if it means anything to you, I'm glad you are.

My name is Alex, and while I have no over-priced blogger advice on face creams, I will do my best to give you some insights into my life and the few things I know. Like, how to move to another country and the financial, emotional, and mental toll it takes; Cities I've lived or visited, and places in those cities that didn't suck. I don't think anyone is qualified to give advice, life is a personal choice, and I personally thank you for following along with mine. 

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